What is a creche? 

A creche is a daycare facility that offers children supervised play, especially for babies and toddlers. A creche usually offers toys, they care for the child's needs like meals, snacks, naps, changing times etc. 

Benefits of a creche

Academic advancements

Studies have shown that children who spend time in quality daycare had a higher cognitive performance as teens. Studies say that sending your child to a creche or daycare does contribute to their future. This is true for supporting daycares that meet all your child's needs. 


A creche environment includes other children of different ages and backgrounds, this is great for your child to learn how to communicate effectively. Kids do differ as some are chatty and others are quiet. Regardless of your child's communication, it is a perfect opportunity for your kid to work on their weaker areas of communication.


Attending a good creche does help with your child's development of independence. At a creche, children have to get used to being away from their parents and family, this way they can only rely on themselves and their teachers. They are given simple tasks and activities that help encourage independence.