Nursery School In Boksburg

Pre-School, Creche Nursery School

Early childhood is a time of remarkable brain development. The education that children receive during these years creates the foundation for their future growth, development and learning potential.

At The Cow Jumped Over The Moon Nursery School in Boksburg, we are dedicated to cultivating creative, compassionate and innovative young minds through our proprietary curriculum and enrichment programs that increase learning during six critical stages of early development. Our programs have been built to help children maximize their cognitive, physical and social potential. Or as we say, we help children "learn, play and grow!"

We believe that how children learn is as important as what they learn, that's why our educational programs are designed to inspire children's love of learning through hands-on lessons that make their educational experience fun! Daily lessons promote positive engagement throughout the day and include phonics, , manners and etiquette, philanthropy and hands-on thinking. We prepare your children for schools near our Nursery School in Boksburg.

Whether you have an inquisitive infant, tenacious toddler or passionate pre-schooler, put your child on the path to success and discover how we help children reach their full potential at The Cow Jumped Over The Moon.