Dear Parents,

We hope you are safe, well and holding up during these troubled times.

Remember to always look up towards the heavens, and not down.

I will be giving a 15% discount on April fees.
This should help parents, and I will adjust accounts accordingly.
For those who have paid in full, you will have a credit for end of April.
We have our basic expenses still to pay, and my staff have been paid in full.
Not paying me at all has a chain reaction, so I believe we must try and help each other out here.
Trust this will help you in some way.

We have sent out May invoices.

An amount of R160 has been added.
This is for a Mothers Day present that will certainly cheer you up.
We ordered these long before lockdown, had we have known this situation, we wouldn't have as everyone is feeling the pressure financially.
If we don't go back at the beginning of the month, I will adjust fees, giving a discount again.

I have been sending work out weekly to all classes excluding Ducklings.
If you haven't received it, please contact me.

Also, if you are in trouble financially, contact me, Christie, on 0832708953 or
Missing you all madly, and our School is but an empty shell at the moment.
Lots of love Christie xxxx