Extra Murals offered at The Cow Jumped Over The moon

Build Em Brix: R120 p.m, R180 registration fee.

Computer Classes: R220 p.m, R100 registration fee.

Dancing: R180 p.m, R150 annual registration fee.

Soccer: R190 p.m, R170 registration fee.

Swimming: R410 p.m including transport. 

Modeling: R190 p.m, R100 registration fee.

Karate: R180 p.m, R120 registraion fee.

Wiggle & Jam: R175 p.m, R120 registraion fee.

Phyzz Ed Sportz R200 p.m, R200 registration fee.

Mini Cricket R150 p.m, R150 registration fee.

What are the advantages of Extramural games?

You engage in friendly competition with your schoolmates, have an easier time maintaining a healthy body weight and have a lower risk of developing obesity. When you play well and win games, you gain a sense of accomplishment, which helps shape self-esteem.